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Avani Advertising is a leading Communication, Branding, and Marketing agency in Nepal, driven by the zeal to demonstrate out-of-the-box concepts by incorporating emotion, creativity, and entertainment to satisfy our clients' requirements. Avani has a firm grip over Print and Digital media releases. TVC Ads creation has been the ultimate strength of Avani’s team of creatives. In fact, Avani is amongst the top releasing agencies in Nepal in all segments.

Avani is also a trusted name in Event Management all over Nepal. The mega-events and campaigns conducted by Avani have been a massive hit, benefiting the brands and their audience. Avani has delivered advertising and marketing services from Automobiles to Construction, FMCGs to Liquors from, Media houses to Financial Institution and in fact has worked in almost all sectors in Nepal.
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Avani believes in having a fore-sightedness to meet all our client’s requirements by integrating advertising with the latest technology & trends. Our systematic and strategic perspective on marketing programs and public relations campaigns for brands focuses on enhancing their brand awareness, leading to flourished growth. The observant team at Avani, with its 5 members, are the best to draft media plan structure and are specialized in ATL planning.

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Avani conceptualizes diversity and dynamism in advertising by bringing social and entertainment contexts with new flavors, twists, and hidden messages in all digital and print media platforms. The creative team of Avani has 12 members who devote their time to creating, planning, advertising, and promoting our clients' branding activities. Not only that, our team believes in changing mindsets and innovating new brand methodologies.

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Avani has been producing ground-breaking work and maintaining a healthy relationship with its existing clients. Avani believes in "Cogent Branding of Companies” with a team of 10 best communication specialists in Nepal, who are experts in articulating the brands’ values. Moreover, “Our Clients’ Success is Our Success” symbolizes the true sound of Avani’s heart.

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Avani Advertising is a leading Communication, Branding, and Marketing agency in Nepal with two-decade-long experience in 360 Advertising. Avani Advertising has a strong team of experts in the ad industry focused on bringing ground-breaking ideas incorporating psychological aspects of advertising with creativity and entertainment.

In Event Management, Avani is a trusted name throughout Nepal. Avani's mega-events and promotions have been a big success, helping the brands and their audience. From Automobiles to Manufacturing, FMCGs to Liquors from, Media houses to Financial Institution, Avani has provided its advertising and marketing services and has worked with various Nepali brands.

When it comes to Branding, Avani is devoted to raising brand awareness and spreading its uniqueness and values in all releasing mediums like Print, TVC Ads, and Digital platforms. The branding team at Avani ensures to establish and regain the brand’s targeted position in the marketplace and attract customers and other stakeholders.

Avani is aware of how important it is to become Versatile and Flexible as a Marketing Agency. Thus, Avani Advertising, as a marketing agency in Nepal, performs extensive research and analysis, builds strategies for branding and promotion of products or services. In Communication, Branding, Marketing, Media Placement & Launches, Avani has always demonstrated outstanding efficiency and high-quality service for meaningful growth in its customers' revenue and market value.


Advertising is not just entertainment or art with colors or just pictorial effects; it has a deeper connection with Information and flowing them in different platforms. For this purpose, we can get help from a 360-degree advertising agency. 360-degree advertising focuses on effective communication to ensure the brand’s connection with the target audience in the best way possible.


360 Advertising Agencies are equipped with a strong human resource of creative copywriters, designers, editors, translators, and marketers, whose works are then spread on across any media platforms for ensuring uniformity in the process of message conveying.


To provide remarkable 360 advertising, agencies first need to understand your brand, mission, vision, and messages. The next crucial aspect is to understand the market via research and feedback from brands’ customers. This kind of market research helps understand the brand’s competitor’s ad approach.


Once the research is done, the advertising agency plans what to do, how to do it, and why to choose such an option. Another step is Creative Execution, where creative people get their hands in the business. After the creative team's work gets completed, a brand’s advertising campaign is all set.


Once the campaign gets finalized, it's time to spread it. Agencies now buy media space in newspaper ads, billboard hoardings, radio spots, magazine adverts, etc. This step also includes the set length of the advertisement.

Avani Advertising is a 360 Advertising Agency in Nepal offering complete advertising solutions to seek a firmer market grip. Avani has been providing 360 Advertising Services for popular brands like KNP Paints, Honda, Vianet.


When your target audience is most likely to buy, it is the best time to advertise. The audience’s awareness about your offer makes them naturally attracted to your product or service. Seasonal advertising can be done during crucial times of the year, especially the festive season. Utilizing this festive season, you can get better sales and increased brand awareness. To excel well on seasonal advertising, you can build an event calendar, create seasonal email campaigns, and even spy on your competitors.

Brands can also increase their sales in the off-season too. Using off-season opportunities, you can build up the marketing and improve viewer interest instead. At the same time, you can work on high-quality content creation and give special offers or discounts during the off-season. An advertising agency can offer their ad services on both seasons using witty ideas and addressing the market demands.


Ads are created for specific target markets and demographics. An advertisement done without proper research is like pouring water in the sand. Advertising benefits your brands/company by boosting awareness of your products or services. Your business needs advertising if you want to reach a large audience on both online and offline platforms. Advertising plays a crucial role in increasing brand visibility and maintaining brand recall.

Advertisements of businesses influence the viewers' thoughts and emotions, which further influences customers’ purchase decisions. Thus relevant, valuable, and accurate advertising of your brand is necessary. Reliable advertising helps you capture new markets and attract potential customers. Advertising helps create a positive brand image with the right content and delivery.

To get into competition in your niche market, you must start focusing on brand awareness. This can help you to face your direct or indirect competitors. With an effective advertising campaign, your brand’s visibility increases, increasing sales and improving the company’s revenue.

Advertising regularly on digital and print media helps your customers know about you and why you are the better choice. These all help you build a loyal customer base. To be frank, it's one thing to get customers' attention, but keeping their trust in your brand is invaluable.


Advertising campaigns are based on brand formation, raising brand awareness, improving conversion/sales rate. A comprehensive and scheduled advertising campaign is a significant action for building your brand’s reputation.

A successful launch of your new product or service depends on effective advertising. You, then, need to let customers know about it and advertise a promotional deal. Your Advertising Campaign should secure the positioning of ads, budgets, design, scheduling, and follow-up.

When working on your advertisements, you need to consider keeping your budget intact. However, opting for a strong advertising campaign can get quite an investment, but when executed effectively, it works like wonders and remains in people's memories.


You can find many types of advertising agencies that provide traditional or digital or both services. Among them, the best one would be connecting to the one which provides both or, say, full-service advertising.


Full-service or 360 advertising agency’s team of experts provides strategic planning services in Ad Campaigns, TV Ads, Radio Commercials, Print Media releases, Graphic Design, Web Development, SEO, and Social Media Management. Conveying your brand’s message to your target audience through a digital as well as a traditional medium is a major focus of a Full-service advertising agency. The number of 360 advertising agencies in Nepal is increasing and bringing much-needed services for the brands to grow bigger.

You can also get branding services like logo design, brand name development, creative identities, and signage. Adding to that, advertising agencies help you excel in the brand's creative aspects: print marketing, letterheads, billboards, and business cards. Another important service provided by an advertising agency is Media Buying. Here, advertising agencies focus on media planning and buying spaces on media, typically in newspapers, magazines, TVs, Radio, etc.


While you are in marketing and advertising, keeping an eye on your competitors' work is a must. Advertising and Marketing include both creative and competitive sides. Copying competitor's works won’t help your brand in the long run. Thus, working to bring unique ideas for your brand should be your major concern. For this, competitive advertising is necessary.

Competitive advertising focuses on positively influencing a brand's demand. Whereas in comparative advertising you talk about your brand and compare with your rivals using both direct and indirect comparative promotional approaches. In the Indirect form, you can equate one brand to another without naming them directly. This kind of advertising, when executed correctly, can boost brand awareness and present brand characteristics: confidence, a sense of humor, and others. Moreover, creating a customer offer attractive and profitable will help you get better sales.


The year 1958 B.S marks as the starting point for advertising in Nepal. Since then, traditional advertising has come into the limelight. Advertising agencies back then used traditional advertising, which allows quick access and encourages face-to-face communication. AAN (Advertising Association of Nepal) was established in 1990, which coordinates with other related media organizations to promote professionalism in Nepal's advertising sector. 

With time, heavy reliance on print advertisement decreased, and advertisers focused on Jingles, TVCs, and DTAs. At present, there are many advertising agencies in the Nepali market offering their 360 advertising solutions so that the customers and the agency both can benefit and work together for a longer time. 

However, while choosing the perfect advertising agency, you must consider transparency, authenticity, uniqueness, efficacy, flexibility, and all-around services. And not to miss, you can also check the advertising agency’s past and present client and their reviews about their services.

If you are searching for the best advertising agency in Nepal, providing all 360 advertising solutions, you can contact Avani Advertising. Avani, a leading advertising agency in Nepal, focuses on client’s success using all possible strategies. 


Line in Marketing separates mass media campaigns to generate awareness and direct campaigns to generate ROI. We have three basic Lines i.e. ATL, BTL and TTL. ATL Marketing in Nepal is Above the Line Marketing which focuses on reaching mass audiences with your brand communication. Here traditional media like: television, radio, print and internet are used. 

ATL is costly as a huge investment is dedicated to displaying your ads for some seconds, but the advantage is that you instantly reach millions of consumers globally.

History of ATL Marketing

Sources tell that In 1954 Proctor and Gamble (P&G) had paid different rates for different marketing techniques. The term  “The Line” is expected to be used in their accounting ledger. Budgets for traditional marketing were listed, which is ATL. Later on, employees of the P&G company developed their idea of promoting the product with their effort. Back then, it was also called ATL, but now it is known as BTL.

ATL Marketing in Nepal

ATL Marketing otherwise known as conventional marketing method includes advertising on Radio, TV, Newspapers, Magazines, Press and other mediums. Advertising agencies in Nepal ensure to make catchy yet informative TVCs , Radio Jingles, Illustrations while using the ATL method. Avani, a leading advertising agency in Nepal has been producing impeccable and outstanding ATL-based content contributing to greater and better branding.

Advantages of ATL Marketing

With ATL Marketing, brand building, brand perception, and Consumer Awareness can progress in an effortless manner. These features are explained below.


Brand Building

Building a brand is not a one-day job. Continuous effort and successful marketing are needed. Brands use the ATL approach for marketing, which raises brand awareness and encourages it. Furthermore, ATL marketing helps marketers to share more knowledge about themselves with their target markets, making them excited to know why they got to try the brand's product or service.


Brand perception

Today’s buyers are more knowledgeable and less loyal than ever before, all thanks to a competitive market. Thus, to attain loyalty, your brand perception is crucial. Brand Perception includes all the feelings a consumer has about your brand. With ATL Marketing, creating a good brand perception becomes better. 


Consumer Awareness 

Consumer awareness is important so that buyers can make the right decision and make the right choice. It is necessary to know the quality and adulteration-free status of products, achieve maximum satisfaction, and Protection against exploitation. With ATL marketing, the brand can make consumers understand the product well and make the right decision.



Below The Line (BTL) Marketing focuses on reaching targeted audiences and promoting the products on a more refined and personal level than ATL Marketing. This one-to-one marketing method involves the distribution of pamphlets, handbills, stickers, promotions, brochures, banners, placards.

In BTL Marketing, Promotional staff also get involved in product demonstration, essential for sampling, mostly in busy places like malls. BTL marketing practices allow for a personal (mostly emotional) connection between brands and customers through a direct sales point.

The audience finds BTL more entertaining as it also involves roadshows, moving hoarding boards, traveling vehicles with the promotional staff.

 People find BTL marketing a more practical and imaginative concept because it involves the active participation of promotional workers. As a result, brand awareness and conversions get increased.


BTL Marketing in Nepal


In Nepal, both ATL and BTL marketing methods are still flourishing. Brands invest their capital and workforce in BTL marketing. A wholesome and creative team works on developing appealing and understandable print ads, mainly in Nepali and English. Further, these prints are distributed to their target audience. In Nepal, BTL marketing is extensively used by educational institutions, local Ayurvedic Medicine producers, food and beauty brands engaged with Supermarkets, etc. Brands in Nepal make maximum use of marketing psychology to get a better impact with BTL Marketing. While surfing for the best advertising agency in Nepal, You can find Avani Advertising's name at the forefront as its ATL and BTL marketing activities have brought great success to leading brands of Nepal.


Advantages of BTL Marketing


With BTL Marketing, you can reach a targeted audience, your connection with consumers/customers become better, and brand awareness is created. These advantages are explained below.


Reach Your Target Audience and make an impact


In BTL marketing, brands can specifically target audiences and reach them. Moreover, planning gets better as you own some vital information about your target group. BTL activities make your brand memorable, increasing engagement and allowing more interaction. Such engagement can create a positive and powerful impact on consumers.


Direct Point of Contact enabling "feel the product "concept


BTL activities enable direct communication between brands and consumers, which helps brands understand their potential customers' buying patterns and behavior. Consumer behavior can be studied by giving free samples of the products. This further helps in brands' sampling purposes. In fact, it provides insight into the product, resulting in repeated sales of the product. Not only that, sampling allows consumers to understand, touch, and feel the product. It increases the consumers' familiarity with the product resulting in Brand loyalty for a longer time.


Create Brand Awareness and Brand Credibility


With BTL marketing, marketers spread awareness about the brand. The awareness activities help the brand to mark its presence in the market. Moreover, BTL Marketing allows the brand to demonstrate its products to its target audience. Live Demos help consumers to build a positive brand image resulting in increased brand credibility and sales.