The Client

For more than two decades, BALTRA- A well-known brand for Home Products, has been at the forefront in Glassware, Kitchenware, and Electrical Appliances. User-friendly and easy-to-operating, BALTRA products make consumers' lives more enjoyable as their kitchen and house chores get hassle-free.

Baltra Case Study : Avani Advertising

The Challenge

Balajee Trading was into the export and import of different goods with a good network of business enterprises and an unbreakable distribution channel. Coming up with a unique brand name to launch Balajee Trading as an electronic home appliance was our task. Balajee Trading put forward their expectation of having a brand name that suits the product range and appeals to their audience.

The Strategy

In the presence of Avani’s experts in communication and branding, a brainstorming session was carried out. The focus was made on bringing uniqueness to the brand and attracting the audience simultaneously.

The Results

After a detailed and extensive  brainstorming session, We came up with the Product Name BALTRA, with the simple idea of combining two initial syllables of Balajee & Trading. With devoted marketing and PR efforts and customer liking, BALTRA has become a loved household name in the Nepali and Indian market.

With well-planned branding and promotion, BALTRA got amazing results. BALTRA currently has over 1 million satisfied customers and sells around 2 million goods. BALTRA has now grown and has become the top 5 recall brand in consumer household items. Avani's simple yet focused branding strategies have helped BALTRA  to reach this milestone.


1,000,000 +

Customers Nationwide

2,000,000 +

Products sold all over Nepal

Top 5

Recalled brand in consumer household item